The Department of Defense spends some of the money on developing new a supersonic electromagnetic rail gun. No gunpowder to fire this baby...just electrical current... LOTS of electrical current!

Developed by the folks at BAE Systems, the Navy’s new age cannon will fire missiles at seven times the speed of sound with a range of 50 to 100 miles. This is two and a half times faster and farther than any other artillery. The high tech howitzer was developed in 2005 and has already cost more than $240 million. The Navy hopes it will be ready for use in 2017...along with drones... not aerial drones... submersible drones.

These unmanned submarines could be launched from manned subs and would have the capability to report back to the mother ship, as well as hunt for mines and protect our manned subs from other submarines.

The soldiers on the front lines have high tech hardware headed their way too. The DOD has also ordered "special augmented reality" contact lenses...Terminator-like.

These high tech contact lenses accompanied by glasses enhance normal vision by allowing the user to see images far away and close up at the same time, as well as images beamed from satellites or drones.

The bottom line is these expensive high tech gadgets could save American lives, so they're worth it no matter what the cost.