Hold onto your healthcare Houstonians, it's time for an over-haul! Get ready to dig even deeper into those pockets to cover your health care costs, as companies are shifting more of the financial burden onto employees in 2012.

In a survey of 371 employers nationwide, including 224 companies in Houston, the Human-Resource consulting firm, Aon Hewitt, says Houston employees will face higher-insurance premiums and rising out-of pockets expenses next year, like co-pays and deductibles.

How much more?

On average, Houstonians will pay $2,516 for health insurance premiums, compared to an average of $2,227 in 2011. Your out of pocket expenses are going up as well. Expect to pay about $330 more than the national out of pocket average to stay healthy.

While health care is more expensive in Houston than the national average, you can expect to see a 6.9% increase in health care costs in 2012.