It’s no secret babies aren’t the most valued citizens in some Asian cultures. But this story is so disturbing - it makes China look more like the devil’s play pen...rather than the world’s rising super power.

17,000 of pills were confiscated in South Korea as people tried smuggling them in from China.

The pills, believed to be 'cure-all' drugs by many, are filled with the powdered flesh of babies!!

Yes, we said...Ground up baby skin!!!

The pills are supposed to cure everything from headaches to broken bones - yet there is pretty much no evidence they actually work.

How they go about making them is the worst part.

South Korean officials believe Chinese doctors tip off the crooks when women have an abortion or give birth to a still born.

The fetuses are then dried out in a microwave, skinned and can imagine the rest.

Nearly 40 smuggling attempts have been stopped since August, but if the pills hit the internet they’ll be no stopping them.

China can keep their miracle drug - Tylenol and Advil are working just fine for us.