Have A Popular Name?

Bob Smith? Jim Johnson?

For Everyone Who Doesn't Have A Name Like Barack Obama, Mistaken Identity Can Be A Problem. Consider This.

In The Harris County Hospital System, There Are 2,488 Patients With The Name "Maria Garcia."

Over 200 Of Those Maria's Share The Same Birthday .. And Mistaking One For Another Could Be Deadly.

There Could Be Serious Medical Consequences.

So, The Hospital District Is Unveiling New Palm Scanners.

The Use Of This ... And Link The Patients Medical Records With Their Identity.

All Patients Will Have Their Hands Mapped As Part Of The Routine Registration Process.

It's Very Easy, It's Simple, It's Unique.

The Program Is So Good, It Can Even Aid Criminals On The Run. The Hospital Says Hand-scan Won't Be Shared With Law Enforcement Or Immigration.