News broke Tuesday that Texans quarterback Matt Schaub will be out for the rest of season with a broken foot.

The Texans currently lead the AFC south and are tied for the best record in the AFC at 7-3.

Former USC Trojan and Arizona Cardinal, Matt Leinart, will step up as the starting QB.

Well that is unless Houston picks up retired QB Brett Favre.

Hang on...You read that right...Favre!

There is Favre talk all over the internet. Headlines suggesting Brett Favre should be the one to lead the Texans to the playoffs.

Come on, the dude is 42-years-old and showed us last season that he has nothing left in the tank, but incompletions and picks.

You know if Favre declines, you can always call Joe Montana or even Dan Marino. While you’re at it, Joe Namath.

On the Texans message board, someone even posted, I saw Brett Favre at the airport and bringing Brett Favre back, heard it on the radio.

We contacted the Texans to see if there was ‘any’ kind of truth to this and their response was: 'There will be no statement from us on that rumor. We can’t respond to all rumors of that proportion. We will get ready for the Jaguars on November 27.'

Texans don’t need Fav-ruh...We should have confidence in Leinart.

He’s clearly a confident guy!