This Story Is A Real Eye Opener...

A New Jersey Woman Can`t Close Her Eyes After Numerous Plastic Surgeries.

Marilyn Leisz (pronounced Lease) Was Born With Ptosis (pronounced Toe-sis), A Defect That Causes Eyelids To Droop As Years Pass.

She Spent Years Trying To Correct The Condition.

A 2005 Procedure By Plastic Surgeon, Paul Parker, Resulted In Leisz Being Unable To Blink.

She Sued Dr. Parker For Negligence And Claims He Did Not Warn Her Of The Risks Involved In The Procedure.

A Jury Awarded Her $115,000 For The Doctors Negligence However The Jury Rejected Her Claim That She Had Not Been Warned Of The Dangers.

Leisz Has Undergone 30 More Painful Surgeries... She Can Now Partially Close Her Eyes.

Huh? She Must Have Done All Those Things With Her Eyes Closed. Must Have Been One Helluva Shot In Skeet Shooting!

Can You Imagine Going Up Against Her In A Staring Contest?

She Will Never Be Able To Say...

'I Didn`t See That Coming.'