The mighty walls surrounding Rupert Murdoch`s broadcast empire are slowly crumbling as the phone hacking scandal at Britain`s most successful newspaper intensifies.

The 168-year-old tabloid `News of the World` will print its final issue Sunday succumbing to one of the biggest embarrassments in journalism history.

The paper is accused of hiring private investigators to hack into the voicemail accounts of thousands of people to dig for information.

The list includes Prince William, Sienna Miller, Hugh Grant and even the families of victims who died in London’s 2007 bombing.

Rumors of unethical behavior have swirled around the publication for years, but the top was blown off the scandal when news surfaced of the papers investigation into a missing teenager.

The 13-year-old girl was found murdered, but for month’s police and her family held out hope she was alive because her cell phone seemed active.

News of the World is believed to be behind the activity.

The accusations don`t stop there, talk of police bribery has run rampant.

Britain’s Prime Minster David Cameron was also implicated.

His Director of Communication, Andy Coulson, is a former News World editor and Coulson, along with 4 others have been arrested.

In the midst of all the drama, more than 200-paper employees will soon be out of a job.

“Actions taken a number of years ago by certain individuals in what had been a good news room has breached the trust that the News of the World had with its readers,” said News International Chairman James Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch is now in damage control mode.

This episode could halt the 61% stake Murdoch is trying to acquire in the Britain media company B-Sky-B.

The company has lost a billion dollars in value this last week simply for their rumored involvement with Murdoch.