Roger Clemens May Be Breathing A Little Easier After Seeing What Barry Bonds Just Got Away With.

Bonds Was Convicted On A Single Obstruction Of Justice Charge - the Other Three-charges Against him - Dismissed.

A Hazy Victory For The Prosecution Who Failed To Make A Jury Believe Bonds Ever Knowingly Took Steroids.

Clemens, The Once Beloved Astro - who Ended His Career With The Yankees- is Up Next. his Trial Is Set For July.

Clemens, Unlike Bonds--has Never Failed A Steroids Test.

But The Prosecution Could Have Clemens Good Friend Andy Pettitte Take The Stand.

Pettite Claims He Remembers A Conversation With Clemens Where The Pitcher Admitted To Steroid Use.

But - Some Lawyers Believe Pettite`s Testimony Won`t Be Enough For A Jury To Convict.

(7:25 'it`s Gonna Be A Real Uphill Battle Fight For The Government To Get A Conviction Here. The Government Really Has No Business Bringing This Case, There`s Really Not A Government Issue Here.' 7:37)

It Took Almost Eight-years And Cost The Government About 10-million Dollars To Try Bonds....and For What?

He Will Likely Be Punished With Probation Or In-home Confinement.

Clemens Is On Deck.