This is one you’re not going to believe…Marijuana isn’t as damaging as tobacco.

Well no $#!& Sherlock!

Science has shown the dangers of cigarette smoking on lungs…smoking undermines lung function, causes lung cancer and long-term breathing problems.

But what about smoking pot?

Occasional marijuana use does not appear to have long term harmful effects on lung function, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Over a 20 year period, researchers measured participants' lung function for air flow and lung volume by determining the amount of air a person can forcibly exhale.

The results... Pot smokers did not show the same reduced lung function that was seen in cigarette smokers.

The study does not provide evidence that marijuana smoking is healthy for the lungs, but that marijuana is indeed less harmful on the lungs than smoking tobacco.

All the more reason, some argue for marijuana to be legalized.