Apparently, Malaysia Airlines has banned our future to the back of the bus. I mean plane.

This is in response to first class passengers complaining they can't sleep due to crying infants.

A recent UK poll of 1,000 business class passengers found 75% of them thought children on planes were "irritating."

You know what we think is irritating are airplane seats so small you have hold your breath and pull your elbows in for the entire flight.

Several other airlines are now considering creating child-free zones on planes and even child-free flights.

Airlines, we're about to get fed up!

First, you decided it's okay to charge big folks extra 'cause you make your seats too small. Then, you decided to charge everyone for baggage. Then it was more money for your crappy food. Now this!

Guess what, airlines: your future customers are children and if their first impression of an airplane flight is being forced to sit at the back of the plane, they are probably going to grow up to hate flying and they will find alternate methods of transportation.

You guys need to remember that we are the ones who keep you in business all of us who fly including the parents with kids.

To be fair: parents, if your child is causing a ruckus, take him to the rest room and calm him down.

As for making flights more enjoyable airlines, forget the child-free flights.

Try fee-free flights. We bet everyone would be in support of those even those snobs in first class.