It's nothing but open space, and we should use it!! What I propose is a Texas size, world class indoor zip line park.

I envision different lines at different heights that go from one side to the other and take you to different looking foliage..maybe even an indoor mountain. If you've ever been to the rainforest cafe that's kind of the look I imagine.

A zip line attraction would be relatively inexpensive to set up when compared to our other options and would be a year round tourist destination! Investors can contact me here at channel 39.

Because if I see my idea come to life I'll be calling you for sure!

It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to fly in the Astrodome. In Robert Altman's movie "Brewster McCloud" the main character played by Bud Cort does an imitation of the Greek mythological character "Icarus."

We're gonna need a really good waiver!