Forget what you learned in French class about when to call a woman 'Madame' or 'Mademoiselle' - if you haven’t already forgotten every lesson from high school French.

The French government banned the title of 'Mademoiselle'- at least on official documents.

The move comes after feminist groups in France pushed for the change.

What’s so wrong with mademoiselle?

It sounds like the most chic of titles after all.

The word is the French equivalent of 'miss', but the groups say the title is sexist and condescending because it differentiates married and unmarried women.

Like in the US, men don’t face this issue - they remain 'monsieur' throughout their lives.

Fueling the fury - mademoiselle originates from 'virgin.'

Thinking about it, Keira Knightley does look pretty 'virginal' in a recent Chanel ad.

The move comes in an election year for France, leading campaigners to wonder whether the switch will actually be made official once elections are over.

Does this mean a movement to do away with gendered nouns is next?

People struggling to learn French can only hope.