A black eye for the National Football League, and the ultimate embarrassment for the Saints after an NFL report reveals they organized a bounty pool of up to $50,000 the last three seasons with payoffs for inflicting game-ending injuries.

Yeah, you could say that career-ending hit to former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner by the Saints qualifies for bonus bucks.

"In a playoff game against Kurt Warner, that was a clean shot," one Saints fan said. "Kurt Warner even said it."

That's not what we'd expect a Saints fan to say ... oh no.

Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams admitted that he helped organize the bounty.

Who are the guys involved you ask?

Over 20 defensive players on the Saints, who are all accused of leveling targeted players for money.

Former Houston Oilers running back Ronnie Coleman told the Fix he's more appalled than embarrassed surrounding the New Orleans Saints bounty news.

"To all those guys that are doing that: look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'am I proud of myself or should I change?' "

"They play football and, you know, you're gonna get hurt playing football," said another Saints fan.

Point taken; however, when players are being rewarded with cash for a sack that could end someone's career it's obviously a different story. 

"These people have families," said Coleman shaking his head. "These people have lives, and you never want to hurt a person where you would cut down their quality of life."

This bounty gate is just getting started.