Hey, all you mega-macchiato males. Listen up, this one's just for you.

A Grande new study (make that Venti) from the National Cancer Institute says 6 or more cups of coffee each day may just save your life.

Actually, the study found you jumbo-java jolters are 60% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Other benefits of coffee: lowered risk of Parkinson's, diabetes and even cirrhosis of the liver.

Now for you more mellow decaf dudes. Don't stress, man! The study found the same benefits for you.

It's not all about the caffeine. There are also anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, even stuff to drop your testosterone and insulin levels. Those hormones can raise your chances of developing the big C. (That's cancer, dude).

So perk up, men! The $30 you shell out every day on those 5 tall Americanos with steam soy toppers may keep you from having to visit the doc, but nothing's gonna keep you from visiting the little boys room.