There’s a shake-up on Billboard's Hot 100 Hits.

Brace yourselves, people because the 'King of Rock & Roll' has officially been dethroned by none other than rapper Lil Wayne.

According to Billboard, thanks to his feature on the new game song 'Celebration', which debuted at #82 this week, 'Weezy F. Baby' now has the most Hot 100 entries at 109.

Elvis had 108 between 1968 and 2003.

It is kind of cruel that we even have to compare these two.

All of Elvis’ hits were his solo hits.

Compare that to Weezy, whose solo hits account for just 39% of his total.

The other 61% are features on songs by other artists!

And here’s something else to keep in mind: 31 of Elvis` biggest hits were released before the Hot 100 chart was established in 1958.

If 'The King' were still alive, we`re pretty sure he`d be crying over this.

Congrats, Weezy.