The fallout for Lance Armstrong continues. News out of Chicago that the seven-time-Tour-de-France winner will be banned from running the Chicago marathon. Turns out that the penalties imposed against him from the U.S. anti doping agency extend beyond cycling and include any and all sports that are signatories of the world anti-doping code. That includes the Chicago, Boston and New York marathons.

And while Lance hasn't submitted a formal entry for any of the races so far this year, he has run them in the past and his cancer charity, the Livestrong organization, had suggested he might consider running again this year on their behalf. But marathon officials said, no way.

Lance hasn't responded directly to race organizer's outward declaration that he be prohibited from entering, though he left a message on Livestrong's youtube page saying:

"Obviously it's been an interesting few days, challenging at times for myself, my family my, foundation. It's time to move forward. It's time to talk about a different fight."

In the end, it was his decision not to fight the USADA’s charges against him that led to all this in the first place. And as so, the Livestrong foundation will have some 250 participants in the Chicago marathon, the man himself will not be one of them.

But don't count the boss out just yet. The alpine odyssey mountain bike race in crested butte Colorado has decided to run "unsanctioned" this year just so lance could ride. He won the alpine marathon last year and promoters want to show their support for the man, steroids or not.