A victory for Victoria Osteen seems to be a victory for the members of Lakewood Church.

"I just prayed that justice was going to prevail," said Rosalyn Thomas, member of Lakewood Church

An estimated 42,000 people attend services at Lakewood Church each week.
CW 39 stopped by a Christian bookstore in Southwest Houston, and spoke with a few customers and congregation members.

"I know that when you're in that kind of situation, you can be very human and things come out," said customer Lula de la Isla, customer,"but GOD forgives us"

"I don't think it was anything that belongs in the courtroom," said Eileen Walker. "Anything that any normal American might get a little frustrated with, a situation, and react to it. To haul it into court is just ridiculous."

The Osteens say they have no hard feelings and want to put the incident behind them.