People in Houston are worried about family and friends in Mumbai. The India Consulate has set up a helpline for people who need to contact relatives. The consulate general, Sanjiv Arora, has his hands full, fielding calls from people concerned about the terrorist attacks on India.

"All of them are full of grief, sympathy and solidarity, but I would not say helplessness," said Arora.

On the job for barely two weeks, Arora has hardly settled in, but with years of experience in India's foreign affairs, facing terrorism is not new to him. "All such acts deserve the unequivocal condemnation of all civilized people," he said.

Arora said he is sorry for the people who lost their lives trying to defend the world's largest democracy against terrorism. "I think it is extremely admirable, it makes us very proud, and it makes us even more determined to fight this menace.The terrorists would be very foolish to believe that by carrying out such cowardly acts that they can deter the will and determination of India and Indians," said Arora. He said that Mumbai, the bustling financial center of India, can and will recover from this attack. "The city of Mumbai is known for it's diversity, for it's vibrance, for it's determination and resilience."

The consulate's helpline number is 832-283-1568. The India House will hold a prayer service on Sunday at 4 p.m.