8.5 billion dollars and counting. That's the estimated amount of damage Hurricane Ike wreaked on Harris County homes according to a new report from the county's housing authority.

"Where you see the the dark colored areas that's where there was a high sustained loss or total loss of residential property," said Harris County Housing Authority Board member Casey Wallace.

Maps of the survey results show what most already know, that the southeast part of the county fared worst than other sections.

"In Shore Acres you have 675 homes 512 are more than 51 percent destroyed. In Seabrook, you have another thousand homes that have at least 4 feet of water in those," said Guy Rankin of the Harris Cty Housing Authority.

The report relies on a sample of Harris County houses, apartment buildings and mobile homes damaged by Ike-- information drawn from aerial photos, hurricane wind analysis, and assessments from housing authority inspectors going door to door. The survey found that most of the damage was to single family homes, about 7.6 billion dollars in damage.

There was 830 million dollars worth of damage to apartment buildings, and about 1.7 million to mobile homes. Important numbers county officials say they need to qualify for FEMA funds.

"FEMA uses methods and calculations to determine how much money should be returned to the area whether it be through community development block grants or other assistance to Harris County directly or to homeowner's directly," said Wallace.

"In dealing with FEMA and other entities at the federal level we have to be able to quantify. It's not enough to say we need help," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

The county says inspectors will assess 30 to 40 percent of homes before presenting a final report. so that 8.5 billion dollar estimate is expected to increase. A final damage report is expected in December from the Harris County Housing Authority.