The Wildlife Center of Texas (formerly Wildlife Rehab and Education) is currently caring for a baby fawn that rescuers have named "Bambi." The helpless fawn was rescued from the dangerous Grimes County wildfire last night. Bambi was initially brought to the Grimes County Command Center by local law enforcement around 11pm last night. The fawn was then transported to the Wildlife Center of Texas early today and was carefully examined by both Sharon Schmalz, Executive Director of the Wildlife Center of Texas, and Dr. Frank Shuman, Houston SPCA veterinarian.

"She definitely smells of smoke and is approximately two weeks old," says Schmalz. "It's possible her mother was forced out by the fire and had to abandon her," adds Dr. Shuman of the Houston SPCA. Currently, Bambi is being monitored and stabilized in a triage unit at the Wildlife Center of Texas. She is dehydrated and has received subcutaneous fluids. She was very hungry and was bottle-fed a deer milk formula which she readily drank. Bambi’s eyes are being kept moist with a special natural tears solution since she has been exposed to smoke. In addition, her lungs are also being monitored by Dr. Shuman for possible smoke inhalation, but overall she is doing quite well. Schmalz says the goal is to eventually release Bambi back into the wild.

The Wildlife Center is currently caring for close to 700 wild animals that have been injured or are victims of the Texas drought. They include birds, possums, herons, hawks, owls and rabbits. Many of these animals have been rehabilitated but are unable to be immediately released into the wild due to the dry conditions and fires. Schmalz says they expect to see many other wild animals impacted by the wildfires and drought in the coming days.

The Wildlife Center of Texas is a non-profit organization that cares for over 7,000 wild animals every year, and it is Houston's only trauma hospital for all species of injured, ill, oiled and orphaned wildlife. If you find an injured, ill or orphaned wild animal, the Wildlife Center is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 4pm. Visit the website at for more information on how to care for these animals if you find them in distress or call 713.861.WILD (9453).

The Wildlife Center of Texas is an affiliate of the Houston SPCA. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Sharon Schmalz at 281.731.8826.

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