Happy Days at TIRR as The Fonz came to visit. Henry Winkler paid a visit to The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research. Winkler provided a few laughs but his mission was serious... inform others about a new treatment for upper limb spasticity...a condition that may affect many... like Winkler's mom who was a stroke victim.

He says, "I watched as her sunshine, her will to live, dripped out of her." 

As spokesperson for the Open Arms Campaign Winkler wants people to know that Botox... yes Botox, aka, the anti-wrinkle drug... may help upper limb spasticity. He's seen it lessen patients' pain and improve their self image.

That's welcome news to 20 year old, Bennita Britt. "Everyone says I'm young to have a stroke... but it happened and I'm getting better thanks to TIRR but we need to have hope... and need to know what options are out there."

Thanks to Winkler and Open Arms, Bennita now has another treatment choice in her recovery... but that wasn't the only reason she came to TIRR. "And to meet Mr. Winkler, The Fonz. I've seen him on TV. He was before my time but I`m aware."

Sharp woman. Let's hope the therapeutic use of Botox helps as many people as the cosmetic use has.