As of Thursday night, there is no evacuation order for Fort Bend County. Instead residents are preparing to shelter in place by boarding up windows. When it comes to Hurricane Ike, many in Fort Bend County aren't taking any chances.

"Most of them here want to do it just to be on the safe side," said Grover Persinger, a contractor hired to board up several businesses in the area.

39 News came across 60 year-old Nancy Lee, who was working alone to board up her Sugar Land home.

"It took me three hours, but I cleaned out the closet under the stairs," said Lee. "I'm going to put myself under there with a lantern, radio, air mattress... and my two cats."

She had leftover wood from Hurricane Rita. Other not-so-lucky homeowners had to wait in long lines like at the Missouri City Home Depot.

"I waited two hours in line for seven sheets of plywood," said Jose Escobedo, a local shopper. "That's a long time."

Some avoided the lines, by paying a few more bucks at a nearby parking lot.

"I'm with a local roofing company and we have a lot of surplus," said Joe Perez, who was selling plywood at $10 per sheet.

Rosemarie Rentz purchased more than $300 worth of plywood from Perez.

"Because I was here during Alicia and I know what the wind is like," said Rentz who also told us the wood was for her son's home in Stafford. "I was their age at the time."

The scene inside the stores was also hectic. The Missouri City Home Depot ran out of generators, water, flashlights, and other essentials.

"It started yesterday afternoon," said Andy Borges, the store manager. "It's been like this ... all day long."

The Walmart across the street was also packed.

"There were a lot of empty shelves," said one shopper. "They have no more water, and no more bread."

Many residents got as much as they could, including 94 year-old Margaret Arredondo and her friends from a local retirement home.

"I got the medication I needed," said Arredondo.

"We got enough food and we're going to stick it out," said her bus driver.

Again, there is no evacuation order for Fort Bend County, although hurricane force winds and heavy rain are expected.