Once again we face the sad ironies in the music of our lives.

Bob Welch, the 65-year-old member of Fleetwood Mac back in the early seventies, killed himself in his Nashville home. Shot himself in the chest.

In the opening lines of 'Sentimental Lady,' his biggest hit, Welch wrote: 'You are here and warm, but I could walk away and you’d be gone, Cause we live in a time when meaning falls in splinters from our lives.'

Welch was a guitarist and vocalist with the group before he left in 1974. Besides his 1977 hit 'Sentimental Lady', Welch scored a few other hits in the `70s, among them, 'Ebony Eyes' and "Hot Love, Cold World" in 1978, and 'Precious Love" in 1979.

Welch was not included when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Fleetwood Mac in 1998. He was quoted as saying that he guessed the others didn’t like him anymore.

Welch had spinal surgery earlier this year, but doctors said he wouldn`t get any better, and apparently, he didn’t want to spend his remaining life as an invalid.