Are you having trouble seeing straight? Does an attempt at romance usually end with your lips on her nose instead of her lips?

Prevent Blindness America says adults are having a hard time seeing. In Texas, there has been a 23% increase in glaucoma cases in a decade.

"They found that more adult Americans are facing the reality of eye disease than ever," said Monica Saenz, Prevent Blindness Texas Regional Director. "There was an increase in 23% since 2000."

Does this explain the terrible driving in Houston?

"The numbers of eye disease in adult Americans is actually increasing mainly because of the aging population, the baby boomer population," she explained.

Like most diseases, early detection and treatment are key to preventing vision loss.

Saenz listed a few simple steps to prevent vision loss. "One of those is to get your eyes checked regularly; another is to protect yourself at home, at work and at play and also to simply take care of yourself."

Doctors suggest getting an eye exam every other year and more often if you have diabetes.

"Getting an eye exam is very simple. It's not invasive. It's something as simple as scheduling an appointment," Saenz explained.

It beats driving your car up a pole, because you didn't get you haven't gotten your eyes checked.