We all know web weasels are out there trying to lure us into cyber traps. They want to steal our identities and load us up with nosey malware. But do you know what they're using for bait? Celebrities.

You might expect sexy sirens like Scarlett Johansson or Sofia Vergara or badass booty babes like Nikki Minaj... but think again.

Cyber security watchdog McAfee says the celebrity most-likely-to-infect you is none other than sweet little Hermione from "Harry Potter."

It seems actress Emma Watson is casting spells in and out of the movies these days. Do a web search for things like "Emma Watson hot pictures" or "Emma Watson free downloads," and there's a 12.6% chance you'll get a link to a malware site trying to grab your goodies. That's a higher percentage than any other celebrity.

Why Emma, you ask? Maybe it was her naked kissing scene in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." That's when a lot of guys realized Hermione had grown up, and they pitched their tents as fans.

Runners up for the most dangerous search include Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez and Halle Berry.

Only one dude made the top 20 malware searches, and again-- it's not who you might expect.

Jimmy Kimmel knocked Brad Pitt off the list. We doubt folks are searching for him for the same reasons as the 22-year-old Miss Watson, but you never know.  More likely, his high profile has come from his TV show clips that seem to go viral more quickly than you can say "wingardium leviosa."