Remember that old television show from the 80's, 21 Jump Street, starring a young Johnny Depp? It`s been recreated for a full length movie with Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and comedian Deray Davis.

Davis stopped by the Newsfix studio to tell us about his role in the movie.

"It's very high action, you have Channing Tatum, who's almost as handsome as me, and Jonah Hill, who's half as funny as me," Davis said in his comedic tone.

The role is a reversal from those you may be used to seeing Davis portray. In this movie he plays a drug dealer named Domingo.

"I pretty much found my own character within it because Domingo's character is Dominican, so I had to have a little accent a little bit," he said with his best attempt at a Dominican accent.

He went on to explain the difference between being a standup comedian and a actor on the big screen.

"The difference between a comic is it's an instant gratification. The second I say a joke you either like it or you don't." davis said, "With a movie, there's the waiting, there's the edits, the cuts and then the wait to see if the audience embraces this character."

And if we don't, will you go all Domingo on us? Yeah, we didn't think so.