Wouldn’t you love a trip to France? Can’t afford the airfare or bag fees? Bistro Provence on Memorial Drive brings France to you.

It offers French food and French wine at an affordable price, but this isn’t Julia Child’s cooking.

“Provencal food, it’s usually a lot of grilled fishes, lots of stuff with fresh olive oil, grilled vegetables,” says Chef Jeremy Griffin. “You want to stay away from all your butter and cream.”

The owners particularly love the food here. It reminds them of home.

Owner Jean Philippe Guy moved to Texas at the age of twelve with his parents.

The restaurant’s been around for 13 years, Jean Philippe’s wife Genevieve moved here ten years ago to help out. Now she’s hooked on America.

“I’m not going back,” explains Genevieve. “The money it was just insane, you would make here in a week and a half what you would make over there in a month.”

And you guys have gotten hooked on their food with 80% of our customers are regulars. We know our customers by name.

So, for a French experience as authentic as their accents...Cozy on up at the Bistro.