If you're at a baseball game and Rangers firstbaseman, Mitch Moreland, tosses a ball your way do you try to catch it, or not?

Of course you do!

You would push over anyone who's standing in the way, to get that memorabilia! Just be careful there's not a crying toddler sitting next to you. You could become the most hated people in America.

That's what happened at the Rangers-Yankee game.

Crystal and Kyle Shores say it may have looked villianous, but they don't think Sean Leonard and his fiancee', Shannon Smith, took the ball from their little boy, Cameron, intentionally.

Someone from the Rangers dugout eventually tossed the little whiner another baseball, and he was all smiles after that. In true "guys-will-be-guys" fashion, Cameron and Sean sat through the rest of the game, comparing their balls!

Just to make sure the little boy didn't sustain any long-term damage, the team is giving Cameron his own Texas Rangers jersey, and the whole team is signing a ball just for him!

What a sweet ending. Good luck to the parents the first time this little boy doesn't get a trophy at one of his sporting events.