Nothing says it's the fourth like eating hot dogs, but what about eating more than 60 of them?

Yep... it's that time again... Nathan's famous international hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.

The rivalry between legendary hot dog eaters Takeru Kobayashi and reigning champion Joey Chestnut continues, but the two weren't chowing down at the same table.

Kobayashi, known as the tsunami, is an exiled eater. He downed his dogs on a rooftop in Manhattan.

Kobayashi skipped Nathan's contest last year, but rushed the stage after the eating was over. He was arrested, and in order to avoid legal trouble, Kobyashi could not participate in this year's contest.

But to show he's still the best wiener eater in the land he devoured his dogs from afar proving this eater's ego is as big as his appetite.

This year's winner of the mustard belt and still the hot dog eating champion of the world -- Joey Chestnut eating 62 hot dogs!

But once again -- the biggest winner -- Pepto!