The body of the fifth child who drowned in a submerged car Saturday has finally been recovered this Tuesday afternoon. Four year-old Hallie Kenkins' remains was found by a Good Samaritan. He's an elderly man who took it upon himself to search for the little girl.

"As I was walking I kept on calling her," W.C. Fields told Channel 39. "I said Hallie, where are you baby? I know you are close."

As Fields called out the name of the missing girl who drowned in the swollen ditch Saturday, the 69 year-old said he heard a voice answer to him.

"I heard the words to go back to the beginningÂ… go back to the beginning."

And back to the beginning he went after having suffered legs cramps from searching for nearly 8 hours Monday.

It wasn't until around 1pm Tuesday did Fields found the toddler's body about a mile south of where the car crashed into a flooded ditch. He said she was floating face down in the water.

The grandfather of ten quickly took her out for fear she would float away. He carried her several yards up the slope and laid her down.

"At first I didn't want to look in her face," he cried.

Overwhelmed with emotional Fields tried to describe her. He said despite being in the water for nearly three days, Hallie was still beautiful and looked like a sleeping doll.

"Well I looked at her face Â… and I tried to imagine what she might have went through," said Fields.

It was hard for him to image how Hallie, her 1 year-old sister Carrington, four year-old Devin Jenkins, 7 year-old Malik Barlow, and 11 year-old Dreton Thompson went through when police say Hallie's father, Chanton Jenkins, drove them into a flooded ditch.

Prosecutors say he was drunk and had lost control of the car while trying to talk on a cell phone.

The bodies of four children were found hours after the crash, but Hallie's body was no where to be found until, Fields stepped in.

"He's not affiliated with any of the searchers with Texas EquuSearch, he's not affiliated with any of the families," said John Cannon, a spokesperson for HPD. "He just thought it was the right thing to do to come here and search."

"I am just thanking God that he led me to find her to get some closure, because I couldn't sleep myself until she was found," said Fields.

"Whatever organization that has been out here, steadily steadfast, helping me find my granddaughter so we can get some closure to this," said Luis Easley, Hallie grandfather. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

"We are so glad that we found Hallie," said Annette Easley, the victim's great aunt. "Now we can give them a proper burial. Thank you so much."