Ray Hill, a gay activist, knows how to keep himself in the public’s eye.

He got arrested back in December at a strip club, treasures, where Hill claims entertainers are often harassed by police.

Hill claims to be standing up for the rights of the entertainers, but admits to pressing an officer’s buttons. Hill was arrested for allegedly interfering with a police investigation.

"Well I talked about the gentleman’s mother... I said something that would indicate he had a compromised relationship with his mother," said Hill.

Hill appeared in court today for trial, but that didn’t quite happen.

"The charges were dismissed; they said they’re going to re-file it. I hope that’s a promise because we would like to bring attention that police officers routinely lie."

But, Hill didn’t leave anyone empty handed and provided the video of the arrest.

"I did not in any way show any hint of assaultive behavior. I’m a passive, handicapped, 71-year-old man attacked by 3 police officers, and it doesn’t make any difference what I said or why I said it."

Hill's case definitely isn’t over.