Don't know if you caught this last night during Monday Night Football game, but at one point the camera was on New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck on the sidelines. He was playing with his mouth guard, kind of twirling it around in his mouth you know and all of a sudden it slipped out and hit the ground! He bent down, picked it up, looked it over and put it right back into the mouth!  Kind of gross right?!

With all the spitting and everything else players do while standing there! It got me thinking, I do the same thing on the golf course with my cigars. I throw 'em on the grass on the tee box when I’m going to hit a drive. Then I pick it up and right back in my mouth. With all the fertilizers and poisons they use on golf courses that’s not smart, but I don't care.

My friend who used to own a restaurant had a 5 second rule for things that fell on the floor in his kitchen. He used to do this number over it (sign of the cross) a chicken parmigiana sandwich never tasted so good!  We put all kinds of things in our mouths we wouldn't if we knew what was living on them. Did you know toothbrushes left out in the bathroom are full of bacteria? The TV remote control is filthy! Surprisingly the kitchen sink can be a breeding ground for bacteria like e-coli and salmonella, but when it's something we need to put in your mouth like tuck and his mouth guard or those things we can't resist putting in our mouths we "just do it"! I just don’t want to think about it. I don't even know why I’m talking about it! Sorry I brought it up.