Recently, I went to the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion to see the Houston Symphony join, vocalist Terry Brock, formerly of Kansas, Randy Jackson of the rock band Zebra, and singer John Hines in a concert tribute to The Eagles. Houston radio personality Col. St. James hosted and even conducted the orchestra for a song. The symphony musicians were fantastic and effortlessly transitioned to playing the rock and roll hits from The Eagles and nailing them! But at least one of the symphony's fans in the crowd couldn't loosen up and told a couple of the women in our group to quiet down 'cause they were talking during the performance!  I had seen the guy getting annoyed and I told the girls to quiet down but you know how "white wine" works. The girls didn't get into it with Mr. Stiff, all 8 of us moved to a less crowded area. The seats were free, including the complainer's! I could understand if we were at Jones Hall, but this was Saturday night, outdoors, at The Woodlands with rock music! And for that matter, mister uptight symphony fan could have moved!  All things considered, I think the guy that shhhsssd our women were out of line. It was more rock than symphony and people talk at concerts. Symphony fans, here's a deal, we'll follow your rules at Jones Hall and when you come out to The Woodlands to hear a rock concert leave your corn cobs at the house!