Divorce!  A couple of stories about it in today’s show.

I can relate. I married a girl I dated for 4 years that everyone told me not to and it ended in a divorce after just one year. Listen to the advice of your family and friends, you won't but if you break up and get back together a lot when dating, your marriage is likely to fail. 

Divorce takes a ridiculous emotional and physical toll on a person.  Having lawyers serve me with papers, and seeing the person I once loved break into our house when I wasn't home and take half our stuff left me on the couch with heart palpitations so bad, the only way to escape it was to sleep. It's similar to dealing with death.

Children add another wrinkle, one I didn't experience, when now you're forced to see your ex for the hand-off of the kids on your weekends for years.

Divorce is common, but it is one of the worst things you can ever experience in a life-time. If you know someone going through it be supportive. If you're going through it remember, "This too shall pass". Think long and hard before jumping into marriage. Before you bail do everything you can to try to see if it can be saved, because divorce will rock your world, your circle of friends and affect every aspect of your life.