Cops in Germany have captured Luka Magnotta, Canada’s porn-star zombie cannibal.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful, in more ways than one.

The so-called 'Canadian Psycho' ended his international run from the law in a cyber café in a Berlin’s gay bar district.

Canadian cops say Magnotta stabbed and dismembered 33-year-old Chinese college student Jun Lin in Montreal last month and posted a video of the gruesome killing on the web.

'When you know it's a real one,' said Ian Lafreniere of the Montreal Police. 'It's not the movies, it's not something made up. It's a real human being getting decapitated in front of the video, in front of the camera."

Police say Magnotta cut off a hand and a foot and mailed them to political offices in Ottowa.

Police in 190 countries were hunting for Magnotta who often wore lipstick and makeup, and apparently had plastic surgery to make him look more like James Dean.

London’s newspaper The Sun had a creepy encounter with the uber-creepy Magnotta when he showed up at the paper six months ago to deny they he was the guy in a Web video showing the torture and killing of kitten. Then he sent an email to the paper threatening to kill more than animals next time. 

The paper turned over the email to British police who dropped the ball because the kitty killing wasn’t in their jurisdiction. That allowed Magnotta to go up the food chain.

Nina Arsenault, a transsexual stripper in Toronto, claims she dated him and that he used the name Angel when working as a gay prostitute and stripper.

As Sam and Dean know too well, angels come in many forms and can ride with wings of fire.