Campbell's Tomato Soup is a classic. However, how many times have you been at the grocery store and thought, 'if only that were a prettier can, that's what we'd be having for dinner'?

Okay, probably never. The Campbell's Soup Company has decided to give the 'ole' can' a temporary-makeover though, in an attempt to turn around the struggling soup business. They're introducing special-edition cans of condensed tomato soup with labels reminiscent of pop-artist Andy Warhol's paintings.

1.2 million brightly colored cans of soup will be sold at Target stores, with famed Warhol quotes like "in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

So, enjoy your 15 minutes in the spotlight Campbell's. After this, you're back to the basic pantry staple we know and love, but apparently, don't eat very often!