Blazek Lidgett is like so many 12-year-olds you may know. He plays basketball, skates, surfs, and wrestles. But two years ago, Blazek was diagnosed with Leukemia.

As Blazek dealt with his own personal fight, he had one wish: to meet a man who fights in the wrestling ring...WWE Star and actor John Cena.

With the help of the Make a Wish Foundation. Blazek was taken to New Orleans to meet his wrestling idol and he got an added bonus; he will also be in a movie.

Blazek will be in the movie "12 Rounds" which opens in theaters March 13th.

Look for the scene where a trolly crashes into an ice cream truck, Blazek will be getting out of harms way

And another gift that has no price tag, Blazek's Leukemia is in remission thanks to a bone marrow transplant from his sister.