Do you have a bucket list? Well, it was what was on Laverne Everett's bucket list that almost caused her to kick the bucket. The little lady wanted to let the good times roll for her birthday. So, she decided to do something that would have many "young-bloods" shakin-in-their-boots.

Laverne wanted to go skydiving and of course, it was all caught on camera. When it was time to jump, however, it looked like Lavern had a change of heart, and got pushed out of the plane by the instructor. She says it was those "ol knees" that didn't want to make the jump, not her! Once Laverne and her instructor made the leap something went very wrong, when her upper harness came off during the jump. Fortunately, the parachute opened and the old-timer landed safely, so it's probably safe to say this won't be Laverne's last birthday. Thanks to 'The Googles' and 'The Inter-Webs,' though, the video's gone viral and the FAA has a thing or two to say to the California skydiving company about Laverne's little mile-high mishap.

As for Laverne, she's on to the next great adventure. She wants to ride in a race car.