School bullies have been getting a lot of attention nationwide. Last month, three teens committed suicide because their families say they were harassed in school. One student is from the Houston area. Asher Brown killed himself his parents say the bullying and anti gay comments were too much. A local lawmaker is pushing for an anti-bully bill hoping to prevent another deadly case.

Thirteen year old Asher Brown ended his life using his stepfather's gun. Brown's parents say he was constantly harassed at school.

"This is what we have been talking about for a very long time," said State Rep. Garnet Coleman, (D) Houston.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman and other lawmakers say they have been trying to prevent tragedies like Brown's for years. House Bill 3746 was introduced in 2003.

"It's an anti-bullying bill that includes sexual orientation," said Rep. Coleman.

The Dignity for all Students Act has been re-introduced every year since then but has never passed.

"I think the bill doesn't move because a lot of people are homophobic," said Rep. Coleman.

Rep. Coleman says part of the anti-bullying act is to protect students who are harassed or suffer discrimination. It would even protect whistle blowers whether it be a teacher or student.

"(If) somebody see something they will be protected for reporting it," said Rep. Coleman.

Over the years, the act has been re-written to include cyber-bullying. Today's technology has made it easier for people to tease off school grounds with the push of a button.

"It's the same as if they were standing right there in the hallway," said Rep. Coleman.

Rep. Coleman will again present the bill this January but this time he hopes Brown's suicide and others across the country will shed new light on the growing problem.