After a one-day Isaac delay, the big elephant ( show is going strong in Tampa. Tonight`s big draw is Ann Romney. Her task is convincing voters that Mitt has warm and fuzzy parts.

There will be lots more, but if you really cared about it, you`d be watching it. So, we`ll just give you some of the stranger aspects of this year`s convention . . . So far.

The Republicans seem to have a Rape of the Week problem, and it`s not going away.

First, it was Missouri congressman Todd Akin talking about 'legitimate rape.'

Now It`s Pennsylvania`s Republican candidate for Senate, Tom Smith, who equated rape with having a baby out of wedlock.

But conservatives don`t have a lock on outrageous statements. Actress Ellen Barkin was so moved by a tweet from a follower that she retweeted his wish that Tropical Storm Isaac would 'Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!

There is some buzz over the possibility former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin will make a surprise appearance Thursday.

But another 'Serra Paylin' was already in Tampa doin` her act. Lisa Ann had her whole strip show, and that`s a natural fact.

She`s been making a porn living the last four years on the back of the real Sarah Palin.  Or, more accurately, on her own back.

Exposed female body parts seems to be the in thing at the convention. Members of the anti-war group Code Pink ( dressed up as vaginas to protest what they say is the republican war on women and their reproductive rights.

From sparklers and straw hats to women`s genitals. Look how far conventions have come in nearly half a century.