You want a new way to start saving money? Stop throwing out your food!

Americans throw away 40% of the food they buy every year. The Natural Resources Defense Council says a family of four ends up wasting $2275 a year and 20 pounds of food per person per month.

Shocking, considering 1 in 7 people worldwide is still hungry, according to the World Hunger Education Service. That is about a billion people.

But don't try and take your leftovers out to homeless folks in Houston. That's illegal, remember?

One homeless guy who identified himself as Anthony thinks that's crazy, "Are you really gonna ask HPD to police this thing... as if they don't have enough to do?"

Even green folks agree, cutting down on waste (even if it means feeding the homeless) is the right thing to do.

"No matter how sustainably we grow our food, if we are not actually eating it, it's a terrible use of our resources," said Dana Gunders of the NRDC.

So what can we do to stop this waste?

Gunders says, "We can start in our own refrigerators by making sure we're using up what's in there."

Also, stick to your shopping list and avoid extra "impulse" buys.  Don't cook more than your family will eat. And if there are leftovers and you don't wanna eat the same thing tomorrow, freeze them for later.

Grocery stores changing their "bogo" offers would also help. "In the United Kingdom," Gunders says, "they're experimenting with other promotions like buy one, get one later."

That's an idea we could all sink our teeth into!