The Syrian civil war has spilled over to Beirut, Lebanon where angry protesters have kidnapped Syrians and destroyed their property. They`ve also forced airlines to avoid Beirut`s airport.

That`s what happened to an Air France flight from Paris. Instead of its scheduled landing in Beirut, pilots touched down in Damascus, Syria.

But that`s just going from bad to worse, because in case you hadn`t noticed, Syria has descended into civil war, and even the United Nations ( is bugging out.

So, why did the Air France ( jet land in Damascus? Because it didn`t have enough fuel to get to Amman, Jordan, its back up destination.

And this is where things really started getting funky for the French. They usually charge their fuel, but the Syrian government has cut off France`s credit.

So the crew had to tap the passengers for enough cash to fill up the plane.

Luckily, Air France reached an agreement with the airport so the passengers didn`t have to hand over their wallets, or whatever they`re called in France.