Collin Boyd's field of dreams stared the way with a long bus ride from Tyler, Texas and along for the ride was his parents, friends and teammates from his Little League baseball team the The Diamond Jaxxs.

The occasion? Collin is fighting cancer. But his trip to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas was all about baseball.

"I'm very happy they could take off on a Friday and come with us, see the game with me." Collin said.

 Collin recently had a blood transfusion and is raising awareness abut the need for donated blood. Carter Blood Care had a mobile blood drive right next to the ballpark and people like Leslie Cheney just had to donate.

"I got here, here is the bus and here I am. I'm just glad it's for a good cuase.

 Collin has gone through 25 rounds of radiation and 4 rounds of chemotherapy. This field of dreams included a trip to the clubhouse where he met his favorite players and then held his very own press conference.

Heady stuff for a 9 year old but the autographs trumped everything.

"Mike Napoli," Collin said with a smile. Nelson Cruz and Ron Washington."

Collin was surrounded a sea of friends who all just so happened to have the same last name on their jersey's. Boyd.

His dad Jimmy was amazed at the support.

"Ever since he was diagnosed in March the community has stepped up behind us," Jimmy said. "They have been with us every step of the way."

 What better way to end the day than by throwing out the first pitch? Which by they way looked every bit like a strike.

That was even better than the autographs.

It's a field of dreams Collin will remember and be thankful for for a lifetime.

"I feel like a pro."

In all 19 people donated blood. Carter Blood Care said that is enough to potentially save 57 lives.