It's been two years in the making, but this week, Five Sixty opened and chef Wolfgang Puck spent the week preparing. He showed us around the new spot. Iasked Wolfgang, "You are known for California cuisine, with an Asian twist, what are you going to do with Five Sixty now?" and he said, "You can have a simple dinner, a grilled steak obviously, or you can have what we're really well known for like all this different appetizers, we have the sushi robata bar out here so you can get little skewers, sushi our little miso cones here with tuna tartare." But even the sushi has some Texas flair. Wolfgang said, "So you have a modern Japanese, Texas version of surf and turf, so you have the lobster with the cucumber, avocado the rice." He put a slice of kobe beef on top which is seared with a hand torch to medium rare.

For the sushi, Wolfgang and his team fly their fish in daily from Japan, so it's the freshest and best quality. But for all the other ingredients in the restaurant they found a lot of local purveyors, like for the meat so they can keep things local, in and around Texas

But the food's not the only thing that's getting Five Sixty attention. The former Antare spot has been renovated completely from it's stuffy, dingy past. Wolfgang said, "People only came for the view basically, now you come for great food, great service and on top of it you have the view." With the revolving platform, there's never a bad seat in the house.

And the moment the sun set, the crowds piled in, waiting to get a taste of the new Wolfgang Puck, 560. Vineetha said, "We've tried everything that's come our way. We had this awesome fried quale and it was like this sweet and spicy sauce that it was marinated in and then fried and uh, it was amazing!" Melissa Kidd said, "Well my favorite so far is this cone of tuna sashimi, that was amazing."

And while the food kept mouths pretty full, you couldn't help but overhear the comments on the decor's transformation from blah to brilliant. Stephanie Sanoja said, "It was like a 70s 80s dining extravaganza, I guess you might call it and now it's gorgeous." And Gina Scott said, "It's gone from country to first class." And a photo op and book signing by famous chef Puck wasn't so bad either. Mecca Ali said, "When we walked in, there he was and I asked my brother to take a picture with his iPhone and it will be on facebook!"

Oh and if you're wondering about the name, Five Sixty, it's because the restaurant sits five hundred and sixty feet above ground and day or night, the view is breathtaking.