When it comes to The Cowboys debacle of a season... the majority of the blame fell on the shoulders of Terrell Owens. It was reported that T.O. was a cancer in the locker room. My question is... says who??? I've spoken to several Cowboys about that very topic, including current Cowboys Receiver, Isaiah Stanback, who was on the show tonight. He says T.O. was a mentor to him. Stanback went on to say he's never seen an athlete in any sport work as hard as T.O and that he would be missed.

Now that doesn't sound like a locker room cancer to me. The funny thing is... a lot of other Cowboys have gone on record with the same comments. So again,  who says Terrell Owens was a bad teammate? Is it the media? Is it a player(s) that's remaining anonymous? I guess it's too late to give Owens the benefit of the doubt now.