Andrew Gracia,27, bleeds silver and blue. He became a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan at age 6. "I used to have a Halloween costume of Troy Aikman."

But the Lancaster man has never been to a game. He can't afford the good seats.

That's not likely to change, Gracia says, here at the team's new digs in Arlington. Jerry Jones' daughter today showed off the stadium's first completed luxury suite. Charlotte Jones Anderson says, "What you see in here shows you pretty much our average suite. It's approximately 700 square feet."

Each suite has a private restroom and large bar. The counter tops are imported granite. Their sides Jones Anderson says, "leather croc"; the walls also leather. Each has 3 televisions and a sliding glass system "The glass has no intrusions. No mullions."

The suites range in price from 100 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars a year with a 20 year lease. 273 of the 300 available have been sold many to corporations.

Cowboys fan Hannah Ward says, "It's a great way to entertain clients. " While she understands that kind of corporate spending, others we talked to do not. Jerome Searcey says his annual salary would pay for one game in the most expensive suite, without food.

Jerome Searcey says, "Companies spending that much money it says a lot. They give money to the wrong people." Taylor Fox agrees. "People are being put out of jobs, so what? People can go watch a Cowboys game, so their company can pay for their suite. So we've gotta let you go, but we're gonna go watch a Cowboys games."