Why do women pick Team Edward over Team Jacob or vice versa? And what does that choice about those women? Do they prefer Edward's sophistication and self control, as opposed to Jacob's impulsiveness? We found out it's a personal choice and that choice doesn't always run in the family.

Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are the kind of men women dream about. They are handsome, mysterious, romantic and rugged.

"Edward, he's so caring, and loving and protective," that's how Kelley Farr describes the charming vampire.

The Richland Hills resident is Team Edward. Her daughter Emily Farr prefers the hot-headed werewolf. The 20-year-old is Team Jacob.

"How can you not be Team Jacob? He is so amazing," says the UNT student.

Walk into their home and right away you know mother and daughter are Twihards.

"I would classify myself right up there with the biggest," says mom. "I buy every little piece of Twilight merchandise that I can. I read endlessly. I stayed up half the night, would get up at 5 in the morning, go to work couldn't wait to get off work go home and read."

One look inside Emily's room and it's clear she loves Taylor Lautner.

"This is my wall of Jacob," she says as she points to the multiple posters that decorate the pink walls of her bedroom. "It's really nice to see him when you wake up and when you go to bed."

"I think women still long for the idea of chivalry," says Dallas psychotherapist Stephanie Burchell.

In her opinion, women who prefer vampires likely long for a man with a strong sense of self. While women who prefer werewolves desire a strong man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

"Edward is your very smart, deep thinker type. He's the deep feeler. Jacob is much more the guy next door. He's much more rough around the edges, but very soft on the inside."

Dr. Burchell says at the end of the day it's a matter of personal preference.

"Whether a woman finds herself in a relationship with someone who is very adventurous and who likes to take a few risks. Or with someone or who would settle down with someone who is happy living a more normal lifestyle."

All teams aside, for Emily and Kelly Farr, Twilight is more than a series. It's something they share; something that strengthens their bond.

"This is something that we can both just talk about like normal people. I feel like we've grown a lot closer because of it," says Emily.

Her mother Kelley agrees. "It's something special between me and her."