The wings of freedom tour brought vintage planes and legendary fighters to Dallas today. One of the original Tuskegee Airmen was also there. The group became America's first african-american military pilots.
The year is 1944 and the first groups of Tuskegee Airmen are flying high during World War two. They become the first blacks in the United States to fly escort fighter planes.
Eighty four year old Calvin Spann is one of the original pilots that make history. His uniforms, medals, and pictures are part of a display at the frontiers of flight museum in Dallas. He stops in today to sign autographs, tell stories, and to see this P51 he and his comrades flew during WWII.
He says, " The only opportunity I had was the Army Air Corp. and then I had to go into the segregated unit."
The plane and other memorabilia send him down memory lane. He remembers how hard the odds were. After entertaining all types of dignitaries he travels telling his story to others hoping to inspire.
He says, " They told me when i was trying to do it that there not going to let you fly any planes but I determined and I did."
Over the years 995 Tuskegee Airmen would go on to earn there wings.
All three planes will be on display for the next week. Rides on planes start at $425. For more information log onto