The recession is showing no bias, even affecting college graduates. Frisco resident David Ireland has transformed his garage into his own art studio, complete, with assorted paints, brushes, and palatte. After his newborn son was born he decorated his room walls with animals. But, he never expected this to become his main job.
Until he was laid off, not once, but twice last year from his job in the mortgage industry. Despite having a business degree from U.T. he couldn't find work. With no options, he had to fall back on what he knew, which is art.
He says, " With the ecomony the way that it is, kind of in the middle of a career change and just started painting."
Word about his murals traveled fast...even next door to his neighbors who also have small children. pretty soon they wanted their son to have a fire truck themed room. Neighbor Chad Mantelli says, " We know that David's an artist so in talking with him we decided to ask him to come paint on our walls."
David also does canvas work. Despite the recession david is making a living. He would still like to get back into the corporate world, but says he'll never give up the handy skill that can pay the bills.