They were cleaning up and getting prepared Tuesday for the start of the State Fair of Texas, and that included security.

"The Dallas Police Department will have the traffic unit, the gang unit, the SWAT unit and officers from all over the department to come down and work the fair," said Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Julian Bernal.

Perhaps the biggest day for the Dallas Police Department was the annual Texas-OU football game in the Cotton Bowl.  This year, there will be an eye in the sky to help police.

"We're just going to be a little more vigilant both at the gates and monitoring the crowd.  We have a new camera system, and we are going to be using some additional cameras to monitor crowds and crowd movements," Bernal told CW 33 News.

On the minds of many was the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair, where the collapse of a stage during bad weather killed seven people.  At the State Fair Of Texas, organizers said they have a group of meteorologists that focused just on weather at Fair Park.

"At anytime during the day, they will call me, they will text me, we get two weather forecasts daily.  If we have lightning or high winds threaten us, we will get at least 30 minutes notice," said Rusty Fitzgerald with the State Fair of Texas.

The concert organizer said they would cancel a concert in a moment if the weather presented any sort of danger.

"There has always been an extreme amount of caution.  The safety of the patrons, the safety of our crews, the safety of the State Fair employees, the fair goer, that's No. 1," said Glenn Smith with Glenn Smith Presents.

Fair officials said the estimated 3 million people who come to the fair this year could eat the food knowing the health department had an office on site to monitor safety and quality.

"It is a very tedious process for our concessionaires, but it's very important obviously for the safety of our fair goers to make sure that we do that, so it is something that we take very seriously," said Mitchell Glieber with the State Fair of Texas.